Vigie eval wordlwide logo contest!

Vigie evaluation website has commissioned 3 fiverr (oups finally it’s 4) designers to imagine the website’s logo.

You will find below their best suggestions, by chronological order.

We start by our own modest creations :

Logo #1 & #2 by vigie

 Then it’s

V3_lily from Indonesia with several ideas:

I quite like it. font choice is ok (visually, the “g” letter in cap is a good idea indeed). Colors are ok too. Only trouble is the image.What is it supposed to be ? I see a mix of a Microphone and a magnifying glass but not sure. Could also be read as the “male” sign or something like that. . Confusing

Apart from this, I recommend V3_lily as logo designer. It looks good and pro isn’t it ?

also on time is issasarza’s work, modestly dubbed “logo study”

The lighthouse was one of my suggestions. She pushed the idea with two different and equally good looking design. I admit preferring the first one, very classy. It’s a big u for the second one, as it is made from nothing, looks OK and is easier to use as an icon. The  drawback is being less distinctive. arf, that’s not easy folks !

Thanks issasarza !

Third is henrykuzmick with three different designs

Sure, the eyes and ears are part of the observatory process, so it’s an idea. Though, it doesn’t visually work at 100%, it shows some real work by the designer, especially to fine tune the ears design. Maybe this once subject didn’t inspire the designer, i will need to submit him with another gig to get full potential out of him. See you soon then.

And finally comes Steve02

I have seen worse logos from worldwide companies nowadays. I think it would be just fine for an entertainment company, maybe videogames, which la vigie de l’évaluation is not. Design is ok, it’s neat, but not quite the intended message for the vigie’s logo.


First, thanks to our 4 dedicated designers for their job. Obviously, they all threw in some time, attention and competencies for just a fiverr gig.

Second, all of them just hauled my own logo to the trashcan, my job looking so much of an amateur job compared to them.

Third, my three preferred logos are from V3_LILY (the last one, bottom-right corner) and Issarza first and second). I’ll get back to you soon explaining why.

  • First : Issarza’s lighthouse.

it fits well the wordpress basic design with black and white, I will use it as website header and email signature

  • Second : V3_Lily cubic logo

It will be just fine as favicon requested by many social medias and android store application forms : twitter logo, mobile application logo, etc.

That’s because Issarza’s lighthouse would fit well at tiny sizes, or be just un-distinctive (we are not famous enough to use a common lighthouse to remind people of us).

  • Third Issarza’s three color “V”

It’s really a custom design, not seen everywhere. I like it. But don’t know how to use it. It does not fit well as website header, and is too ‘elliptic’ to be used as favicon to represent us. Though, I like it !


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